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Do You Overeat When Feeling Down? Try this... by Gia & Danielle

Most of us have found ourselves looking to food as a way to soothe a negative mood. Although it can work, hopefully it is not your go-to or only strategy to make yourself feel better. You’re better off if you can rely on it as only one of many ways of coping with feeling down. Some alternative possibilities include feeling and accepting the emotion, reaching out for support, problem-solving, exercising, taking time in nature, meditating, completing a task, or distracting yourself. The options are nearly endless. But, some people use eating as a primary means of dealing with feeling bad which can cause even more upset later. Does this describe you? A new study provides hope for interrupting this cycle. 

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Surprising New Findings about Wearable Exercise Trackers & Teens by Gia & Danielle

A new study in the American Journal of Health Education looked at the impact of a popular wearable lifestyle technology on teen exercise habits. At first, the 13 and 14 year olds reported being more motivated -- by guilt and competition to meet the fitness goals. But the positive trend in their desire to improve exercise habits did not last. The study revealed, it’s not that simple.

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Thanksgiving Tip: Savor the Joy, It’s Good for You by Gia & Danielle

By Dr. Gia Marson

What is your unique, ideal vision of the Thanksgiving holiday? We have some tips to help you enhance that experience and maintain the positive impact. The latest in neuroscience shows that when you intentionally notice, take in and hold onto good moments, you expand your brain’s wiring for happiness (1). Therefore, we encourage you to focus on your values as you encounter the unbounded potential pleasures of this Thanksgiving holiday.

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